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we are small but mighty...

Get to know us...


Clayton Cassidy

Patrick Paff


Clay has worked in the firearms industry for over a decade, running his successful multi media marketing company,

Close Quarters Media Group. (@CQM_Group)

Clay's passion for firearms and marketing are the reasons ARC Division product and lifestyle imagery look so damn good. 

Patch has worked in the firearms 

industry for about a decade, doing 3D and graphic work for dozens of companies you all know. He is the evil genius behind our designs and handles the day to day operation.

We appreciate you checking us out!

Here is a little about us...

With both of us working in the industry in various capacities for years, in 2017 we decided to team up and start Arc Division. We used the connections we had made over the years, and developed relationships with the necessary manufacturers to bring our ideas to life, and while we are still not the model of efficiency, we are getting better everyday.

We have been running Arc Division in our spare time since, putting 
every dollar Arc Division has made back into new products, inventory and making the company better. Both of us have families, mortgages and other bills to pay, so on top of running Arc Division, we also have full time jobs. Sometimes it may take a minute to respond to an email, or we may miss a phone call, but we promise, we are working to get to you.

Our USA made parts come from some of the best manufacturers, with decades of experience in the firearms industry and we stand behind our products 100%. 

Love you,
"Arc Team"
Clayton and Patch
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