the two of us...

Get to know us...


Clayton Cassidy


Clay has been in the firearms industry for a decade and owns Close Quarters Media Group, @CQM_Group. He had been doing media for the firearms industry for a years and finally came to Patch in 2018 to start Arc together. Clay ships, answers all your emails, and runs the social media for ARC. It can be a lot to handle on his own and he's a little slow up top so don't go to hard on him.


Patrick Paff


Patch has been in the firearms 

industry for about a decade and does 3D CAD modeling and graphics for numerous companies in the industry. He's the evil genius behind all our designs and he's the reason we have grown so quickly with out innovative products. He and Clay became good friends as Patch was coming into the industry. 

Everything we sell goes back into new products and we won't stop providing the industry with the most innovative products we can conceive. We are the only two people currently at Arc and we love what we do. We are a progressive company dedicated to uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction. We stand behind our product 100% and believe that we are improving the functionality behind firearms. Our R&D is working tirelessly on new and innovative products that we will be releasing often. We want nothing but the best for our consumers. Your satisfaction is our main goal. From a Glock Compensators to a Sig P320 Comp. We want to produce the finest quality parts on the market. 


The ARC Team

P.S. Enjoy more photos of us being goons below.